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YUBO Gravure Cylinder Making Machinery Factory Tour

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     YUBO Factory is Located in Yuncheng City,Shanxi Province,China.A city which has a long history of the ancient capital,a very beautiful city here.


    This city is also the original area of the worldwide biggest plating making group-Yuncheng Plate-making Group.


    So here has the rich sources and professional technical of gravure cylinder making industry systems...


    Tips: Directly flight:
    Guangzhou/Shanghai/Beijing→Yuncheng all about 2 hours
    Our factory only 10mins far from airport,very convenient.
    Welcome your visiting ,let's face to face talk about your cylinder making requirement with seeing YUBO machines.


    Welcome your enquiry to know more details of YUBO brand Machine.


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    Helen Lee-Marketing Manager

    Mob:008618636399861( whatsapp / viber / wechat )





    1. Electroplating Line New Design with high level for Europe standard,technology same as Germany Kasper Walter ,high performance,the latest technology,small size and volume could save factory space,etc.Contact me know more details.

    2.Fully automatic electorplating line

    3.Three-Heads Copper Grinding Polishing Machine(GPM), to do grinding and polishing on only one machine,improve production efficiency,etc features.

    Sand belt poishing is much better than buffing cloth polishing,cylinder surface will be more good.
    4.Double curve (S&X)chrome polishing machine.
    5.Ultrasonic ink cleaning tank for rotogravure printing cylinder
    6.Ink pan washing machine for rotogravure printing machine ink pan,doctor blade holder,etc spare parts.

    1.New developed durable stable high quality Engrave Stylus( Hell/ Ohio,etc)

    2.One way Rough Cutter used for MDC Polishmaster,recently big discount cost-effective offer is waiting for you!Let me know your using specification.

    3.CFM Polishing stone,durable Copper Grinding Stone light weight.

    4.CFM face cutter

    5.Mipox Japan brand Polishing Film used for chrome/copper polishing machine of cylinder making.(as good as 3M brand,but have more favorable price)


    If recently you have any requirement,pls feel free to enquiry me for best offer of good discount!

    Pls don't hesitate to send us your enquiry to know more details of our products!!!

    Let's talk more for your cylinder making machines and consumables production request.



    Here,you can find our complete product list as below matched to your rotogravure cylinder production line.
    You can choose which one you are need and in using now.welcome your any enquires.

    A. Cylinder Making Process Machine( Standard Model and New Design same as K-Walter)


    1. Electro-plating equipment for rotogravure printing cylinder
    (Including Washing, Nickel/Copper/Chrome Plating, Degreasing, De-chrome)

    2. Rotogravure cylinder grinding machine

    3. Copper polishing machine

    4. Chrome polishing machine

    5. Proofing machine



    New achievement: Full automatic electroplating line


    B.Rotogravure printing cylinder washing machine for printing ink


    1.Ultrosonic ink cleaning tank for rotogravure cylinder surface,shaft

    2.Ink pan washing machine for rotogravure printing machine ink pan,doctor blade holder,etc spare parts.


    C. Steel Base Making Machine


    1. Plate Cutting Machine

    2. Edge Bending Machine

    3. Rolling Machine

    4. Submerged Arc Welding Machine

    5. Lathe Machine

    6. Flange Welding Machine
    7. Cylindrical grinding machine


    D. Cylinder Making Process Consumables (Re-sharpening all reharpable engraving tools)


    1. Engrave Stylus (one-way and can be re-sharpable stylus)

    2. Burr cutter,sliding shoe

    3. Rough/fine cutter, burr cutter, sliding shoe, steel filter.....

    4. Grinding stone,grinding glue

    5. Polishing wheel/buffing cloth,polishing paste

    6. Sand belt/paper

    7.Carbon brush

    8.Titanium materials: Titanium anode,titanium basket,etc

    9.Steel Base Cylinder/Seamless Pipe



    Welcome your any enquiry Thanks!


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